Hobgoblin Nocturnes

upside down
hobgoblin nocturnes gambol219832025532853249_05DdQ9Cn_b
until the dream is righted

turning it over and over
in hand over again
rough edges are hewn to softness

but not without sacrifice

courage runs its delicate finger
across the crimson stain
vestige of the promise



100 Sweet Bloggers at Tweatspeak Poetry and WordCandy.me

Finding inspiration for a poem can happen in the most interesting places. This poem’s inspiration came from the above WordCandy photo and quote.

Featured Blogger GreyI am one of the featured Sweet Bloggers at Tweetspeak Poetry. You can make your own inspiration at WordCandy.me and even send some to a friend. If you would like to see some ready made Word Candy, visit Every Day Poems on Pinterest.

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