The Science of Color

law demands that opposites glow
the science of color
place yellow next to blue
tufted fields bending under the sky
but we don’t start there
we can’t begin with the glow

slowing down to begin
strikes and strokes
pencil adapting harsh lines
under candle light
where muddied hands
lift potatoes and tea to cracked lips

you are always dusty
you exaggerate the law
with extreme clarity
drawing me according to
your own principles
adapting the masters’ strokes
strokes of thick paint
paint laid on paper
defying the law
painting me into eternity

it is not impulse
the almond branch
blossoming in a glass of water
your grey hooded head
pressed close almost
touching the canvas
mouths murmuring in reverence
I cannot be
without something greater
than myself

Where do the words come from?

I ask myself this.

I understand that when I begin to write poetry, I begin in silence. I may have words, quotes, or over-heard conversations randomly scribbled in front of me, this time a photo with a quote from WordCandy.

I may have an event in mind, this time a visit to the Denver Art Museum‘s exhibit Becoming Van Gogh with words from the artist.

With this help, silence leads me to images that begin to flow like water in my head. Soon the images connect the words and the words become a found poem.

But it is silence that draws me in.

Today is my first post as a part of TweetSpeak‘s Sweet Bloggers Project. I am using their new app, WordCandy, for inspiration. Please stop by WordCandy and pick some up for yourself or a friend. I might even be sending you something sweet.

For the next six months I will be posting a poem once a month that is inspired by some WordCandy. So please let me know what you think and certainly come back. I usually post a piece once a week or so, but NaNoWriMo starts today, too. Who knows what will show up here?

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