he made a pair of shoes like Dorothy’s
to lead you home when you are through

grey, like a man’s with bright red trim
on the left lights compass the beat

the right side sports three blinking eyes
a pledge to return one safely

ahead of the night’s bone chilling
in tune with Dorothy’s lament

I prefer my crimson red sway
bold radiance lighting my path

no stepping lightly I have little fear
of centaurs and monstrosity

my crimson reds boldly present
me to the dance no graves to smite

no need for guided travel
one perfect route is not my way

my red slippers do not blush
but blaze a course to kismet

Author’s Note

I always find it interesting how stories collide in my life.

Yesterday, as I was driving home from school, Judy Garland crooned one of my favorite songs as I was listening to the news on NPR. It seems that a British artist, Dominic Wilcox, has created a new type of ruby slippers, ones that will actually get you home. Amazing and creative technology mixed with art, you have to smile.

Arriving home with little more than an hour before my book club meeting, I decided to visit TweetSpeak Poetry.  The beginning of the school year is very busy and doesn’t allow me the luxury of my daily visit and writing challenge.  I so look forward to the Tweetspeak muses. They inspire me. I miss them.

A lovely image by Nicola Slattery and poem by Maureen Dollas greeted me at Image-ine: Red Shoes.  A Picasso-esque figure  sits dreaming over a pair of red shoes. The portrait is just what pleases my eye. It is not too sentimental in that the colors limit themselves, bright with a touch of melancholy. The roundness of the figure gives a soft touch. Yet I glean something serious, maybe a wondering of what more there is to life with the possibility sitting at her fingertips?

The two stories collided and, hopefully, normalcy will soon return and I will be back to Tweetspeak and writing with regularity.

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