Pomegranate Beads

It has been hot. The heat appeared earlier than usual at summer’s doorstep and is lingering through its regularly scheduled time. Fire has ravaged our foothills. And rain seldom makes an appearance.

This poem is a cento. Piecing poems together from other poet’s words creates a mosaic, a found poem. At Tweetspeak Poetry the theme this month is July Mosaic. My poem is found and patched together from the words of  Monday’s Every Day PoemGirl with 13 Necklaces by Tania Runyan.

The heat might be getting to me.

Pomegranate Beads

The summer heat arrived
torrid without remorse
he poured the
pomegranate beads
into her parched mouth
a rainstorm of beads
to quench her thirst

tumbling from her lips
spilling down her shirt
glistening ruby jewels
squeezed  slowly
through his fingers
stippling her navel

rolling through
the vented floor
for the inspector
with mechanical arms
whose monitor
fluttered at the muted

clattering down the stairs
for the praying angels
standing guard
keeping them safe
from the inferno

3 thoughts on “Pomegranate Beads

    • Thank you so very much, L.L. I am so glad to have found you. Your work and everyone at Tweetspeak has made a tremendous difference in my writing life. Thank you.

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