At Tweetspeak they have reason to celebrate. They published Deborah Henry’s The Whipping Club this past February and it made O Magazine’s  Summer Reading list. Tweetspeak is celebrating with a poetry and photo contest. Since I am recovering from surgery, I can’t imagine a nicer way to spend this week than playing with words.

Here in Colorado we are in the midst of the devastating High Park Fire. Along with it’s harshness, there has been stunning beauty. What looks like fluffy clouds rising into the sky are really plums of white smoke. As the sun sets and the fire rages, shades of orange tinge those so-called clouds. Nature in her cruelty doesn’t let us forget her loveliness.

He settled on the limb
Alongside the tightly petaled bud.

In the distance
A scrim
An orange glow
Seeping through
the billowing pother

His simple morning ovation
reminding me of the
sweetness of nature

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