NaPoWriMo – Day 5


A minaret curves over
bricks stacked and smoothed
designating a holy place
a place for Allah
Beneath the dome
an empty room, but for a memory
a meal once taken near the end
a place for Jesus
Beneath the upper room
an empty tomb, but for a memory
a king who sang and slew a giant
a place for David
Why do we need a dome
an empty room or a tomb
to revel in Your holiness
Can we not look
in the waters of the Jordan
to see Your face
Can we not stand on Sinai’s heights
to feel Your breath
in the wind
Can we not gaze at night
above the sands to realize
Your magnificence
Why can’t we look in a mirror
and know You are there
We must own You
You become something
we must hold in our hand
then we must fight to keep You
Do You smile at our folly
or are You saddened by our greed
does your heart break
with our bravado
I release my hold
I do not need to covet
a counterfeit copy of You
I will come to know You
I will hold a mirror in my hand
see within me a perfect part of You
I will gaze
into the eyes of others
and see Your smile
I will walk in the sun
and affirm the majesty
of Your creation
Author’s Note:
My drive to school this morning gave me fodder for today’s poem. NPR Morning Edition related a story for this Holy Thursday. Seems Jewish leaders and my Catholic leaders are arguing over ownership of a building. The Cenacle is the place of contention being once a Muslim holy place, and currently a holy place for the other two groups.
The story saddened me knowing that a “thing” is causing such grief. And, I’m sure, a lot of money for everyone involved. This just adds to my disillusionment with organized religions and their rules and need for possession. We all have the answer. We all have been given incredible Holy Men who we don’t listen to. We forget or ignore them and then have to fight over a building because it is a “holy” place.

I missed writing a poem yesterday. The day was just not long enough. Please visit NaPoWriMo for inspiration. Or take a look at some of the others who are writing together this month with me!

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