Three Women

Three women from
The maiden voyage launched
swells bearing virtue to far away shores
submerging innocence
in the watery blue

Only the wanton take the plunge
sailing on Neptune’s chariot
temperance flushed into the brine

She remains ashore
safe in her dreams
smothering her ache
a maiden’s purity bound to clay

Thetis silver footed nymph
navigating black seas
dipping her cherished Achilles
into the drink

A mother ‘s aegis
perfection except for
one neglected vulnerability

She remains ashore
his volition boarding the vessel
she loosening the anchor
emptying her soul

Passage to the depths
a pinnace once used for greater deeds
departs without fanfare

A corpse wrapped tightly
weighted with worldly discontent
slides into the mariner’s sepulcher

She remains ashore
salty dowager staying the course
circumnavigating her inheritance

Author’s Note:
Today at Wednesday Afternoon Writers, we used a prompt from Write and See: 99 Photos to Inspire Writing. We chose the photo on page 90. The photo shows three women facing away from the camera. They are standing on a boardwalk and leaning against a railing, watching a cruise ship passing by them.
My decision to write a poem instead of narrative came as I thought to explore three women of different ages. I see one young woman lusting for adventure but afraid to let go. The second is the mother who has raised her child, the center of her life, and now he chooses to leave her. Finally, a widow who is not necessarily in mourning.
I also decided I wanted a photo to accompany these poems. A Google search led me to the one above from

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