Happy Birthday, Robert Frost

Today is the anniversary of Robert Frost’s birth. One of the first poems I ever memorized was “Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening.” I still know it today, almost fifty years later. His words are simple, yet powerful. I can learn great lessons from his work. But, mostly, I simply enjoy reading it out loud and imagine myself in a place I’ve never visited.

You can read my favorite poem on Poem Flow found at POETS.org. There is also a clip of him reading “The Road Not Taken.”

Photo from POETS.org.
In Gratitude to Robert Frost
There are woods I traveled
because of you
places where my soul rested
breath calmed
eyes delighting in the feast

There are also woods I roamed
where rocky climbs
and deepness so somber
almost led me astray

But you laid down your
sweet, simple counsel
stirring not fear but wonder
igniting a flame to light my way

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