Tonight I was inspired by a beautiful film entitled Temporal Distortion by Randy Halverson. This film came to me through my favorite weekly poem site Tweetspeak: This Week’s Top 10 Poetic Picks.
I guess it is fitting I would be charmed by this particular film on an evening of a full moon with sun flares racing towards the earth and promises of seeing the Aurora Borealis in Denver. Of course we’ve been warned we would have to be looking north in a dark sky and, maybe, just maybe, we might see a bit of green color. Good luck finding dark skies in the Metro Area.
Watching the film raised my sagging spirits from a day of lows. What better way to spend the evening than being lifted up by beauty and writing a poem?

Temporal Distortion from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.


My feet are firmly planted
in the deep night pitch
of the earth’s musty grime

I trod through my days
awaiting that moment
of paralyzing enlightenment
as I raise my head to the sky
eyes wide fearing loss
in a blink
a wink stealing
the first star
ushering in the evening’s libation

And the deluge begins
I am swept away
I am radiance
and tincture
and bliss

Here I am of cactus and limbs
and swaying grasses
but not of the firmament
yearning to grasp the comet’s tip
in the borealis of the blaze

I am merely human
feet planted in the mire
devouring the grace
of the Divine

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