Today I came across a remarkable young poet, J. Michael Martinez. I must give gratitude to Poets.org for the introduction.

         as the meat
            within the shell
as the shell before the caw…
This is the type of poem that puts many people off and takes them away from even trying to understand the poet’s words. I ask you not to be swayed and quickly go away. 
The wonderful thing about poetry is that it should be read aloud. If you click on the link below, you can hear the poet read this poem. When I am unsure about what a poem means, I read it aloud, several times. If that doesn’t work, I look for a recording of the poet, so I can hear his phrasing and stops and how he feels his own words. 
Then it is up to me. I must make it live in my own life. That is the beauty of good poetry. It will mean something different to each person who reads it. We always bring our experiences to the table when reading other’s words. Our understanding and comprehension turns on who we are. That is how poetry speaks to us.
Let this poem have a chance to speak to you. Allow Mr. Martinez to read to you and enjoy.
How do you see white? How does it live and breathe in your life? What do those white stripes on our flag say to you this holiday time?
Happy 4th.
Click here to enjoy J. Michael Martinez’s words in his own voice at Poets.org

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