Red Wheelbarrows and the 4th of July

Thought I would share, over the next few days, some of my favorite poems inspired by my work at the Denver Writing Project.
My choice for today is by Williams Carlos Williams.
The Red Wheelbarrow  
so much depends
And so begins a poem I love for its simplicity and elegance. William Carlos Williams is a master of precision and beauty. It’s easy to throw a lot of descriptive words onto a page. What Williams does, is what the master gardener does.
The master gardener is a creator with an eye to the minute, as well as to extravagance. While the entire garden tells a story, it is in honing in on the exquisiteness of the diminutive vignette that completes its own narrative.
In that breath, I invite you to imagine a clear blue sky when reading this poem. Even better, find a friend and take turns reading it to one another while the listener’s eyes are closed.  It’s a perfect compliment to this holiday weekend.
Happy 4th of July everyone!

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