Reverb10 – December 23 – New Name

Prompt: New name. Let’s meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?
            Fa lalalala, lala, la, la!
So I ‘m sitting here eating a rum ball…okay, I’ll be honest, rum balls… thinking about yesterday’s prompt.  The house is clean, the presents are wrapped, the cookies are baked and the reservation at Duo is waiting for our dear friends, Ken and Maureen, and us to arrive for the festivities and yummieness in just a few hours. 
I’ve been thinking about this name prompt since Wednesday night when it was posted.  Then I read Lindy Lou’s response to the prompt and it set my mind on a whole new route.  Thank you Lindy Lou, known to the world as Sue!
I’ve spent my life explaining my name to everyone I met.  I actually like my name.  I don’t know for certain but,  there are not too many people named Lexanne.  NASA named a plastic that was used in the space program “lexan” and in the 70’s my bicycle helmet was made of “lexan”.  Other than that, I’ve never met another Lexanne. 
My name came into being because my mom refused to name me Mary, as was tradition in my father’s VERY Catholic family.  My dad finally agreed to my middle name being Marie.  Then my mom went to work.  I now understand where my creativity comes from.  I get my OCD leanings from my Dad.
I am very happy to have been born female.  My mom loved the movies and movie stars.  She dreamed of having pool parties and entertaining everyone just like on the big screen.  So it was decided that if I was a boy, I would be named after her favorite actor of the time.   Aldo.  My name would be Aldo Arko.  I think my mom knew all along I was going to be a girl.   She had a wonderful sense of humor that I didn’t appreciate until Leroy came into our lives and found a kindred spirit in her.  Mom and dad worked together to come up with a unique name if I was a girl.  So they took part of my mom’s name – Annette – and my dad’s nickname – Lex – and Lexanne was coined. 
I’ve always been called Lexanne.  No one really gave me the nickname of Lex until recently and I enjoy the change.  However, when I met Leroy and fell in love, his nicknames for me have run the gamut.  From Beautiful to Stinky, shortened to Stink, Polish Pony (which came about on a train in Italy while I was standing up for my rights against two Italian women) and now Tiger, I accept these names with a warm heart knowing I am loved.
So if I could rename myself, for one day, what would it be?
Warrior Queen?  No, that’s a title and some people might be put off. 
Linda?  A bit common.  Emily?  I’ve always liked that name.  Vanessa?  Deanna?  Peggy? Michelle?  Anna?  Pam?  Melissa?  Jan?  Sheila?  Sandy?  Niki?  Dorothea?  Julie?  Maureen?  All lovely names of lovely people, but spoken for. 
I like my name.  I can’t think of another name for me, as my name gives me an identity and I’ve come to like myself these past few months.  Wow.  What a nice realization.  I’ve never said that out loud.  But now it’s in print.  Hmm…
Merry Christmas and pass the rum balls. 

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