Because Of You


Because of you I’m talking to crickets, clouds,
like a madwoman with thistles braided in her hair
a band of daisies round her waist, forget-me-nots
between her toes.

Because of you I laugh with lady beetles scurrying
on their way to drink a draught of nectar wine
in hopes of intoxicated stories shared.

Because of you I plant sweet peas that trace
a lacy frame girdling my womb and blue delphiniums
reach the sky becoming our lure to ladder up
and disappear into Arcadian azure.

Because of you I will go mad with lavender sprigs as
arrows to my heart, lemon balm to soothe my wounds,
and spearmint tea to bring the night of moonflowers
as our bed.

Because of you I am possessed by the marrow of creation.




Author’s Note:

Our writing group met this morning on my deck among the flowers and bees and squirrels. We each chose at random an Every Day Poems from Tweetspeak Poetry and wrote. I am the only one who writes poetry, the others have their own genres and styles. It was lovely and perfect and the writing incredible.

My poem was Delphiniums In A Window Box by Dean Young, author of Fall Higher. I used the line:…because of you I’m talking to crickets, clouds….


Darkness you did not intend
insinuates itself into cracks

Beneath the brume pitch awaits
patient with its proposal

Slip into its girdle, let it wrap you
in ribbons safe readied for the plunge

For night is time to see the stars
after day has diminished their worth

In stillness grace approaches,
while in worry it takes its leave

Look boldly into the reflecting pond,
deeply into the murk

Against what is shadowed there,
there you will find your light




Author’s Note:

Today I use “Darkness you did not intend” as my beginning line and prompt.

It is from a poem called Is That Your Body Blocking the Light by Bethany Rohde. It came to my mailbox the other day as my Poem A Day from Every Day Poems at T.S. Poetry Press and Tweetspeak Poetry.

It is a challenge to take a line from the daily poem and write your own poem!

If you want to try, take a peek at their Poem A Day offer. You can hardly go wrong with getting a poem every morning in your e-mail. What a great way to start the day.




Crinkled Missives

In her hands a piece of paper becomes a bird,
not one that waits outside his morning window
nor the one in western sky drawing down evening sun.

In her hands parchment bends and folds
into lines of virgin litany, a new exhalation placed
beside crinkled missives no longer requisite.

He knows the beauty of her master work, delicate,
sure of their duty to make flight, lift his heartbeat
until it soars, he prays someday she will believe.




Author’s Note:

Today I play with first lines. At Every Day Poems the lovely people at Tweetspeak Poetry offer a challenge. Sign up to receive a poem in your in-box each morning. Find a line that sings to you and use it as the first line of a poem of your own design.

My inspiration this day comes from The Robot Scientist’s Daughter by Jeannine Hall Gailey.

Consecrated Welcome

On stepsnapofeature3
enfolded in night
under a moon
almost faded away
into nothingness
I listen

The roar
of Smoky Hill Road
rises and falls

Wind before the storm
swirls a balero
swayed branches
in spring burgeon

I wait
in stillness
not in chaos outside
but a hush within

I leave space
for you
not empty from
a holy goodbye

I open my ribs
deep in breath
a consecrated welcome




Author’s Note:

NaPoWriMo Day 14

Today I combined, somewhat, the prompt of writing a dialogue between myself and my soul with the Every Day Poems‘ challenge of using a line from the daily poem that arrives in my inbox each morning.

Today’s line – a holy goodbye – is from the poem On Music by — Rainer Maria Rilke, from Selected Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke, trans. Robert Bly.



I told you I didn’t want tonapofeature3
wear shoes, I can’t feel the
floor, I need to be grounded

You gentled me,
give up the gravity,
you promised I could fly

In trust I stepped tiptoe
lifting my heals
I gave up my ground, I let go

You were right
it wasn’t about the shoes
it was the gravity




Author’s Note:

NaPoWriMo Day 13. I didn’t follow today’s prompt from the website.

Instead I was inspired by my favorite place to play, Tweetspeak Poetry and Every Day Poems.

Today my poem is drawn from the line – give up the gravity – from the poem Deep Noticing by Brenda Hillman, from Loose Sugar.


Brushstroke 2

the joke was funny,
my father, however, said it was blue
and warned me never to repeat it

in the fields where my grandfather
kept his bees on Mr. Granjeans farm,
cornflowers opened their eyes,
winked a welcome to his wild things
and relinquished their sweetness

it crushed underneath my bare foot,
I felt it after it was too late, a few missteps
and damage was done, blueberry
plasma crushed into a virgin white wool rug,
my mother’s joy, just another false step
of mine in her aspiration for perfection

his phthalo blue applied with such
gentleness, brushed and slathered
across white canvas drew me spellbound
Saturday mornings,
learning from deep within
there are no mistakes,
just happy little accidents

periwinkle petals,
zaffer glazed eyes,
Dodger blue home runs,
denim enfolds me in comfort,
an indigo sigh shaped to my curves
soft, well-worn, experienced




Author’s Note:Im-a-poetry-chick-blue-glass


Oh, it’s National Poetry Month!!!!

Oh, the choices!

Today I am choosing my prompt from Tweetspeak’s
Show Us Your Poetry (Jeans)” challenge.


Tomorrow, who knows?

Tip and Sway

You in themselves, I’ll find you out
I’ll tip and sway to see you in a place
where I might not think to look if
I hadn’t taken time to see.

I’ll see you in themselves, in hoarse
whispers asking, just asking, never
hearing a reply.

You in them hold a hand when
no other can be found. I will
see you there, always there, if
only I will look to find you out.

I’ll find you out, you in themselves,
lips cracked in cold too deep
for me to know, me in myself
warm and safe, not knowing
them in you.

You in themselves, I’ll find you out
a place you are at home, a home
in us all, a place I can see if only
I tip and sway to find you out.




Author’s Note:

Taking a challenge from Tweetspeak Poetry and Every Day Poems.

Every Day Ideas: First Line Poem Starters: I chose a line from Terce by Malachi Black to begin my poem.

Did you know poems show up in my mailbox every day? They can show up in your e-mail, too. Check it out at Every Day Poems. Then you can write poems, too.